Vital statistics
Title Master of Aiki-Jyujyutsu
Gender Female
Race Human
Blood Type
Fighting Style Aiki-Jyujyutsu<Jyujyutsu
Debut SD Hiryu no Ken
Latest Appearance SD Hiryu no Ken Densetsu
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Status Alive
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Location Japan

Yuka (紅 夕花, which translated to 'Crimson Duskflower'), a master of "Aiki-Jūjutsu" with telekinetic powers, she can throw any opponent. Yuka's home country is Japan and her fighting style Aiki-Jūjutsu. Apparently, Yuka has a crush on Ryuhi and Suzaku., she ultimately ends up with Suzaku after he joins the warriors.

Yuka and Suzaku do not appear in the Virtual mode of Flying Dragon, which takes place a few years after the original tournament; instead being replaced by Min Min and Red Falcon, who are similar in personality to them (although Min-Min actually appears in SD Hiryuu no Ken, alongside Yuka).

In the sequel SD Hiryu no Ken Densetsu, Yuka, now retired, reappears supporting Suzaku who is entering the next tournament to win Pandora. They greet Ryuhi and meets his newer friends, who are now Dragon Warriors. Yuka makes quick friends with Alice and Min Min, stating that she used to have a crush on Ryuhi when they first met.

Yuka is only seen a few times throughout the tournament. She also helps Alice and Wess hide from Ellie when the guards search for them. Near the end of the tournament, Yuka briefly assists Min Min and Alice during the fight against Kate and Ellie, and finds the soul orb containing Ryumao's power. She was one of the few left celebrating when Ryuhi, Roseman, Wess, and Suzaku defeats Ryumaou. At the end of the tournament, Yuka tells Ryuhi how brave he was, and she always knew he would make a great Dragon Warrior. Yuka, Suzaku, and Ryuhi give each other their familiar high five, and wishes each other good luck in their lives. She then departs the city on a separate jet water plane from Suzaku. Yuka's current activities are unclear, as she is not seen or mentioned again in future installments.


-Yuka never mentions where or what Suzaku have been doing when they left the Dragon Warriors.

-SD Hiryu no Ken Densetsu is Yuka and Suzaku's final appearance in the series. The creators considered bringing them back in future games, but they were dropped completely.

-Throughout SD Hiryu no Ken Densetsu, there are several hints that Yuka and Suzaku are no longer together.