Vital statistics
Gender Male
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Race Human
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Fighting Style Kung Fu
Debut Hiryuu no Ken S: Golden Fighter
Latest Appearance SD Hiryu no Ken Densetsu
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Status Alive
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Love interest
Location Underworld

Suzaku was a mysterious evil man who, set on revenge, plans on conquering the world. His home country is China, but he has been residing in the Underworld, and his fighting style is Kung Fu. It is hinted that he and Ryuhi trained together. He eventually realizes his destiny isn't determined by Shin Ryomaou and joins the warriors to put an end to his reign. At the end of the tournament, Suzaku's demon side is completely destroyed and he is restored to his old human self (although his appearance and fighting style remains the same). He and Yuka presumably become a couple, as they are seen together on a ship parting ways with Ryuhi.