Ryuhi as he appears in Flying Dragon
Vital statistics
Title Warrior
Gender Male
Height 170 cn
Weight 78 kg
Race Human
Blood Type B
Fighting Style Kung Fu, Shorinji Kenpo
Debut Shanghai Kid
Latest Appearance SD Hiryu no Ken Densetsu
Friends Hayato, Wiler, Shoryu, Gengai
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Status Alive
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Love interest Min Min?
Location China

Ryuhi ("Rick" in some US releases) is the main character of the Flying Dragon series. He first appeared in Shanghai Kid.


Born in a mysterious mountain region from within China, Ryuhi was trained at a young age by his adoptive parent Juan, who taught him the basics of Kenpo and helped him become a strong and noble fighter. However, their peaceful days would soon take a shocking turn when Juan was brutally attacked by unknown assailiants and robbed of the Secret Scrolls of Hiryu no Ken, in which he was the author of. Despite this, Ryuhi was able to hold onto the 6th volume of the Secret Scrolls, which happens to be the Shingan no Sho, or Book of the Mind's Eye, which Juan was able to save during the assault.

In his dying words, Juan tells Ryuhi that he must go to a fabled and legendary fighting temple known as Shorinji so that he can see the grandmaster there, who happens to be an old friend of Juan, and ask him for his assistance in getting back the stolen Secret Scrolls. After Juan passes away, a saddened yet determined Ryuhi begins his journey to Shorinji, facing many dangers along the way. Upon making it there, he is greeted by an elderly yet noble man named Gengai, who learns about Ryuhi's plight and decides to take him in so that he can help him out from within his quest.

Under Gengai's tutelage, Ryuhi spends the next six years learning and mastering Shorinji Kenpo from within his time so that he can prepare himself for the day in which he fights against the ones who had attacked and killed Juan. Before Ryuhi and Gengai know it, they received a letter of challenge from the Tusk Soldiers, a mysterious organization who happens to be enemies of the Shorinji.

Ryuhi is determined to take part in the upcoming "World Tournament of Contact Sports" as a representative of Shorinji, in order to prevent the Tusk Soldiers from becoming champions of Contact Sports at the tournament. After learning from Gengai that it was the Tusk Soldiers who attacked his teacher and robbed him of the Secret Scrolls, he leaves for the World Tournament.

It is noted that during the tournament, Ryuhi would meet and face off against Hayato Go, a well-renowned Japanese martial artist, and Min Min, a beautiful yet tough Chinese female fighter. While the three of them would not know it at first, their fates would soon be intertwined as they and two more people would find themselves facing off against a great and ancient evil.





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