Robo no Hana
Vital statistics
Title Yokozuna of Robot Sumo
Gender Male
Race Robot?
Blood Type
Fighting Style Robot Sumo
Debut Flying Dragon?
Latest Appearance SD Hiryu no Ken Densetsu
Friends {{{friends}}}
Enemies {{{enemies}}}
Status Alive
Voice Actor {{{voicaector}}}
Love interest {{{loveinterest}}}
Location None

Robo no Hana is the yokozuna of Robot Sumo, who dreams of becoming the best hero in the universe. Robo no hana has no home country and his fightingstyle is Robot Sumo. (Robot Sumo is held on a distant planet of Dousukui probably meaning Robo no Hana is an alien visiting Earth). His name in Japanese means "Flower robo". He is voiced by Akio Ohtsuka.

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