Keri Keri Steiner is Shouryu's second Secret Buster in Flying Dragon, and Shouryu automatically has Keri Keri Steiner upon starting the game in SD Hiryu no Ken Densetsu.


In Flying Dragon, Keri Keri Steiner is slightly stronger than Guruguru Bang. However, unlike Guruguru Bang, Keri Keri Steiner cannot be blocked or canceled while the opponent in being attacked by Keri Keri Steiner.


Shouryu frontflips into a Flying Dropkick on his opponent's chest, which he uses to kick off his opponent, (then the yellow secret buster orbs flow into Ryuhi's Legs, showing that the Secret Buster is being performed), then performs multiple kick repeatedly to his opponent's head, then kicks off the opponent with a back kick, then does a 180° spin, then grabbing the opponent's shoulder's (with Shouryu's legs above the opponent's head) and then performs a Frankensteiner.


Keri Keri Steiner is very difficult to use against the opponent (unless the set difficulty is Easy or Slightly Easy). If the Side Step Setting is Off, then the opponent will (almost always) repeatedly jump until you miss, or if you try to perform Keri Keri Steiner right as the opponent gets back up off of the ground, the opponent will almost always crouch to avoid Keri Keri Steiner.