Hiryuu no Ken S: Golden Fighter
Developer(s): Culture Brain
Publisher(s): Culture Brain
Release date: July 31, 1992 (Japan only)
Genre: Fighting
Game modes: Single Player
Platform(s): SNES

Playable CharactersEdit

  • Ryuhi (all modes)
  • Min Min (Vs. Tournement only)
  • Falcon (Vs. Tournament only)
  • Fish (Vs. Tournament only)
  • Jake (Vs. Tournament only)
  • Joe (Vs. Tournament only)
  • Leo (Vs. Tournament only)
  • Musashi (Vs. Tournament only)
  • Sanada (Vs. Tournament only)
  • Sawamura (Vs. Tournament only)
  • Willy (Vs. Tournament only)
  • Zebra (Vs. Tournament only)

Non-Playable CharactersEdit


  • A slight update to this game was Hiryuu no Ken S: Golden Fighter Hyper Version, aka Ultimate Fighter.

References & External LinksEdit

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