Guruguru Bang is the starting Secret Buster that is already unlocked prior to the start of Flying Dragon. It is Shouryu's strongest move when the player starts the game. Compared to his other specials, Guruguru Bang is the weakest.

Appearance in Flying DragonEdit

In the SD Hiryu Mode of Flying Dragon, Shouryu performs two carwheels followed by a dropkick (with Shouryu's chest facing the ground) and as soon as it hits the opponent, Shouryu backflips into a moonsault, which flattens the opponent. The opponent can guard against Guruguru Bang however, the opponent will receive the same amount of damage, but reduced by half. Guruguru Bang is also in the Virtual Hiryu Mode of Flying Dragon, but is called "Relentless Assault." But however, in Relentless Assault, Shouryu does not do a moonsault.