Dragon Shoot is the basic long-rang move of Virtual and SD Shouryu. In the SD Hiryu Mode of Flying Dragon and SD Hiryu no Ken Densetsu, Shouryu's Dragon Shoot it shown as yellow and slightly transparent. In the Virtual Hiryu Mode of Flying Dragon, it appears as a short line and is a slime-green color.

In Flying DragonEdit

In the SD Hiryu mode of Flying Dragon, Dragon Shoot is shown yellow and slightly transparent, and appears in the shape of what may seem as a Shooting Star. When the move is performed, either ground of in mid-air, once the shot hits Shouryu's opponent, the opponent is knocked bacl, landing on their back. Same thing with the Virtual Hiryu verson of Dragon Shoot. Except, that it appears as a short line and is a slime-green color.

However, in SD Hiryu no Ken Densetsu, when Dragon Shoot hits, the opponent is stunned for a moment, just as if they were hit by a strike by pressing the Punch button once.

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